We provide a premium professional service, timeously, whilst exercising consistent professional due care.



Rabie Accounting (Pty) Ltd provides accounting and value-value added services for clients within the group. Assisting with strategic and operational advisory, management consulting and risk consulting. We also assist clients with the complete accounting function – from initial transaction recording to the preparation of annual financial statements. We further assist clients with the implementation of accounting systems and the improvement of accounting controls and existing systems.

Auditing and Assurance

We provide independent audit services designed to enhance the reliability of information prepared by clients for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders, within the ambit of country-specific statutory requirements. Our Audit practice also provides a range of other types of attestation reports. We pay careful attention to the challenges of the ever-changing auditing environment and we are very mindful of the fact that the modern auditing partner needs to go beyond the technicalities of the numbers.


Rabie At BEE (Pty) Ltd provides an unparalleled professional, reliable and consistently applied B-BBEE solution to achieve the best possible Scorecard level. Our commitment to compliance and transparency allows us to provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date B-BBEE legislation ensuring their B-BBEE Scorecard is in good order.


Rabie Taxation Services (Pty) Ltd provides consultation and compliance services for individuals and companies for all types of direct and indirect taxes including income tax, estate duty, VAT, PAYE, withholding taxes, workman’s compensation and import / export taxes.


Rabie Secretarial Services Pty) Ltd provides assistance with regards to maintaining, updating and amendment of company records, the drafting and submission of special resolutions and share transfers. We assist with complying with various legislation requirements for example Section 45 special resolutions in terms of the Companies Act.


Rabie Group provides advisory services in a range of areas to assist your company with unlocking its potential. These services are performed keeping your interest/vision in mind and are tailored to ensure your required goals are met whether it be risk mitigation in your company or  restructuring and value optimisation services.


Rabie group was established in Alberton in 1953 and has grown over 6 decades in both numbers and skill sets to align with the requirements of our client base. A key feature of this growth has been the sustained ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships with companies of all types and sizes. The Practice was opened in 1953 by Mr. Rabie and Mr. D.J Deysel joined the Practice as partner upon completion of his articles and the name was then changed to Rabie Deysel and Partners. In 2001 Mr. Andre van Zyl and Mr. Werner Du Plooy joined the practice and became partners in 2009 and with the retirement of Mr. D.J Deysel, the name was changed to Rabie Incorporated in 2018. In 2018 the decision was made to split Rabie Incorporated into various departments of which the company has grown from a sole man practice into a group of companies each headed by a specialist in the respective field.


Rabie Incorporated is a small to medium practice that is distinct from the larger firms by being a comprehensive business service provider. Having established ourselves within the business community we have developed a diverse client base with experience in a variety of fields ranging from SME’s (small to medium enterprises) to large corporate clients. We are currently a level 4 B-BBEE company but we are striving to achieve a higher level as we are committed to being a good corporate citizen.

We focus on delivering high-quality professional service and we strive to deliver our work with due professional care within agreed timelines. We believe in a transparent approach through which we keep our clients updated as we proceed with their work. Our goal is to deliver and exceed our client’s expectations and build long-term relationships.

Our work is of premium quality and we adhere to all technical requirements. We believe in working with our clients during all engagements be it assurance engagements or any of our value-added services through effective communication channels and assuring we are always upfront and honest with our clients. We have several years of experience coupled with the necessary qualifications in various industries and situations to provide you with assistance and consultations as required. The fact that we have various departments each specialising in its own area of expertise whilst still working together as a whole, will enable us to assist your company holistically by ensuring that when we assist you in one area it does not compromise your company in other areas. 

Our directors are hands-on involved with each of their departments which means that work is not just delegated to juniors but handled with the correct care and competence. We are a registered training office with both SAICA and SAIPA and we pride ourselves on the quality of training and experience that we provide to our trainees. The quality of our training can be seen in the fact that we secure employment of a high number of our trainees upon completion of their training contracts with our own clients.

Our client base consists of private companies, close corporations, joint ventures, trusts and sole traders. We have extensive experience in various economic sectors ranging from manufacturing, engineering, retail, personal services, financial services to opencast mining.